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This unique proprietary product has taken the market by storm. It has attracted many knock offs and has been the controversy of the industry. Why? Because it works! People report “The Green” hosting mellow moods and quality relaxation, the “reds” promoting rest and stress relief. With the white, get ready to dance all night! There is a Tianaa type for every personality! Enjoy Tianaa in moderation, you will not be disappointed.
Tianaa Green Bottle
Kick back with Tianaa Green, the ultimate combination of relaxing and energizing properties. Ease your tension and finish the day strong.
Tianaa Red Bottle
Unwind after a long day with Tianaa Red. This blend includes kava, creating a supplement with strong soothing abilities for complete comfort.
Tianaa White Bottle
Enjoy Tianaa White on days you could use a little extra attention to detail. This complex blend includes cognitive enhancers for pure energy, without the crash you’d get from caffeine.

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