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Meet Phrenze™

Phrenze Bump and Phrenze Chill are the balance, and your mood is the dial! Simply turn it up with a Bump or turn it down with the Chill. The true Yin and Yang of existence. We decided for a new look that better describes our customers experience and with the same formulations you have grown to love.
Note: Phrenzy can take hours to take effect. Please love it in moderation.

Phrenze™ Bump

Phrenze™ Bump has subtle way of delivery that can get you to reach your goals and prepare for the challenges you set for the day.   

Phrenze™ Chill

Phrenze™ Chill helps to slow you down and enjoy the qualities of life you so deserve.  Take two in the evening and sleep like never before.  Stressful day?  Take them in the morning and pull your day together to finish on top. 

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4 comments on “Phrenze™”

  1. I want to try Phrenze chill, where can i find it near me? I live in Virginia Beach, VA. Also what are the ingredients?

    1. Here are a list of the ingredients from the label.
      Phrenze Chill Label

      Please email or fill out the form on our contact page for info on where to purchase. Stay tuned for a our retail site coming soon!

    1. Phrenze was recently relabeled. Instead of White and Red, we have Bump and Chill. Same active ingredients, more descriptive name!

      You can see the Phrenze Chill ingredients listed on the label in a previous comment on this page.

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