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Return of The Devil's Kratom

July 25, 2023

Devils Kratom bottlesYes, MT Brands is officially back in the kratom biz, returning like a bat out of hell with an old favorite, The Devil’s Kratom.

For those kratom aficionados out there, you’re probably already familiar with this popular line of kratom products. After all, our company and its founder, James Morrissette, made a name for themselves as early pioneers of a fledgling kratom industry years ago, helping to create a market in the U.S. for this miraculous natural herb that continues growing to this day.

Known as the original “Kings of Kratom,” MT Brands set the bar for quality and safety in our fully certified GMP, HACCP facility. From the very beginning, we have always been about doing things the right way, which means the GMP way. We have always been obsessed with adhering to the strictest manufacturing guidelines. Everybody else has simply been following our lead ever since.

But now it’s time to reclaim our crown.

The Devil’s Kratom Strains

What better variety to use for The Devil’s Kratom than horned kratom? As the name suggests, horned kratom is distinctive due to the unique shape of its leaves. Unlike regular oval or heart-shaped kratom leaves that are smooth, horned leaves have spikes, or “horns.” Some believe that these horns provide increased potency compared with other non-horned leaves. This makes it one of the most sought-after kratom variants.

Depending on the dosage and individual physiology, kratom offers a wide variety of effects. At low to moderate doses, it can elevate energy levels, improve focus, and induce mild euphoria that can help with pain management. At higher doses, it can provide sedative effects along with pain and stress relief.

Let us reintroduce you to three classic strains that helped make The Devil’s Kratom such a huge success:

Horned White Indo 

Like other white vein kratom strains, Horned White Indo is harvested when the leaves are least mature, providing a mild boost in mood and energy. This white variety is best suited for those who need some extra stimulation for their day. It is a great natural alternative to coffee or energy drinks, providing an effective pick-me-up for work or play.

Horned Bentuangie Red

What differentiates Horned Bentuangie Red from other typical red vein kratom strains is the fermentation process that the leaves undergo before they are dried. This is believed to help enhance the strain’s alkaloid profile, not to mention its aroma and taste. People turn to this variety for a more soothing, relaxing experience, and users also report effective relief from pain, stress, and anxiety.

Horned Sumatran Green

For the perfect balance of energy and relaxation, Horned Sumatran Green delivers exactly what you need, when you need it. Early in the morning, it can help provide stimulation and improved focus. At the end of a busy day, however, you can use it to settle down for some much-needed peaceful rest. Its moderate alkaloid structure makes this an especially popular choice for both new and experienced kratom users.

What’s Next?

Koming soon adWhile we’re so excited and proud to bring back The Devil’s Kratom, we aren’t stopping there. We also can’t wait to announce a brand new kratom product that’s coming very soon. We still can’t reveal our secret quite yet, but get ready for something sizzling that is sure to spread like wildfire throughout the kratom industry.

In the meantime, rekindle an old flame and enjoy a devilish love affair with The Devil’s Kratom.

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