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Introducing K-Tarts: A Delicious Kratom Innovation by MT Brands

September 25, 2023

KTart Announcement

MT Brands is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product family: K-Tarts. This amazing new kratom tart will ignite your taste buds and elevate your wellness journey. We are proud to introduce the inaugural flavor, Sinister Cinnamon, a game-changing fusion of natural flavors and the power of kratom.

K-Tarts are the result of extensive research and development, and we are now the first to successfully conquer the kratom taste without sacrificing potency. Our Sinister Cinnamon flavor offers a unique twist on traditional kratom consumption, making it more enjoyable and accessible to a wider audience.

Key Features of Sinister Cinnamon K-Tarts:

Premium Quality Kratom

K-Tarts contain premium kratom extract, harvested by our trusted suppliers in Indonesia and processed in our certified GMP, HACCP facility. Our commitment to quality is second to none.

Delectable Cinnamon Flavor

These tiny tarts are hugely delicious. The effects may blow your mind, but the cinnamon kick will blow your taste buds away.

Convenient and Discreet

K-Tarts are designed for on-the-go convenience. They are discreet and easy to consume, making them perfect for busy lifestyles. Slip the slender tube into your pocket, purse, or gym bag, and easily pop a K-Tart anywhere, anytime. With no messy powder to prepare, no handful of capsules to swallow, and no mixers, chasers, or horrible aftertaste, K-Tarts are hands-down the best way to enjoy kratom.

Precise Dosing

Each K-Tart is carefully crafted with a precise dosage to ensure a consistent and reliable kratom experience, allowing users to easily manage their consumption.

Safe and Trustworthy

MT Brands is extremely proud of our GMP certification, which ensures the consistency, accuracy, and safety of our products. All our materials are tested by an independent third-party lab and guaranteed to be contaminant-free. With a stellar reputation based on honesty and integrity, not only do we have the products you want, but we’re the company you want to get them from.

Seize the K...Order Today!

Kratom has gained popularity for its potential benefits, which may include increased energy, improved focus, relaxation, and relief from discomfort. With K-Tarts, we have reimagined the way you can incorporate kratom into your daily routine, providing a tasty new alternative that is perfect for both beginners and the most seasoned users.

“As a leading innovator in the industry, we are excited to announce the arrival of K-Tarts. We believe that K-Tarts will revolutionize the way people experience kratom, making it both effective and enjoyable,” said James Morrissette, Chief Executive Officer of MT Brands.

Sinister Cinnamon K-Tarts are available for purchase now. Order today or request a sample by calling 1-888-254-0924 or emailing

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