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October 23, 2023
Kratom Unites Congress

In today’s extremely polarized political landscape, it’s impossible to find bipartisan agreement on anything…except, apparently, on kratom. The obvious need for federal kratom regulation led conservative Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and liberal Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) to join together last year on legislation that would help keep kratom legal, accessible, and safe for the entire […]

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September 25, 2023
Introducing K-Tarts: A Delicious Kratom Innovation by MT Brands

MT Brands is thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product family: K-Tarts. This amazing new kratom tart will ignite your taste buds and elevate your wellness journey. We are proud to introduce the inaugural flavor, Sinister Cinnamon, a game-changing fusion of natural flavors and the power of kratom. K-Tarts are the result of […]

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August 22, 2023
Kratom's Diverse Effects

Kratom is often compared to coffee, which makes sense given that both plants are part of the same family and can provide similar boosts of energy. But its effects are also commonly described as opioid-like. Coffee and opioids are obviously very different from one another, though. So what gives? How can kratom possibly be like […]

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August 9, 2023
Kratom's Alkaloids Explained

What makes kratom so beneficial? That’s easy: alkaloids. How do kratom’s alkaloids work? Well, that one’s a bit more complicated. As we discussed in our last article, organic compounds called alkaloids are abundant throughout nature, including within the Mitragyna speciosa plant known as kratom. Alkaloids are bioactive, enabling them to interact with our body systems […]

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August 1, 2023
Alkaloids Are Everywhere

You’re already very familiar with alkaloids, whether you realize it or not. Are you a coffee drinker? Then you’ve enjoyed many cups of the alkaloid caffeine. Cigarette smoker? Then you’ve been puffing away on the alkaloid nicotine. Fan of red hot chili peppers? Then you either love Anthony Kiedis or the alkaloid capsaicin. The list […]

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July 25, 2023
Return of The Devil's Kratom

Yes, MT Brands is officially back in the kratom biz, returning like a bat out of hell with an old favorite, The Devil’s Kratom. For those kratom aficionados out there, you’re probably already familiar with this popular line of kratom products. After all, our company and its founder, James Morrissette, made a name for themselves […]

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June 30, 2023
Kratom vs. Opioids

Kratom is not an opioid. Period. This is a scientific fact that is often misunderstood. They do get regularly conflated, but there are key differences between kratom’s alkaloids and opioids. While it may just seem like semantics, this distinction is crucial. Facts matter. After all, consumers, researchers, and policymakers need to rely on facts to […]

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June 27, 2023
Speaking Up For Kratom

When kratom comes under attack, you can count on normal, everyday citizens to rise to its defense. These aren’t activists or political operatives, but rather ordinary people who genuinely have experienced life-changing benefits thanks to kratom. They are military veterans and law enforcement officers. Doctors and nurses. Scientists and seniors. They are the very people […]

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June 21, 2023
New Florida Kratom Law Explained

Sunshine, beaches, palm trees…and kratom. Florida is known for many things, and with Gov. Ron DeSantis signing the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) into law earlier this month, it now joins ten other states that have also enacted kratom legislation of the same name. However, Florida’s version did get watered down throughout the legislative session, […]

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June 16, 2023
Rhode Island House Passes KCPA

Rhode Island has long been a solidly blue state when it comes to politics. However, with the Rhode Island House of Representatives passing the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) on Monday, they are now one step closer to turning from red to blue in a different way. The American Kratom Association (AKA) created a map […]

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